Woman goes viral for frying eggs using Dubai’s ‘hot sun’

Woman goes viral for frying eggs using Dubai’s ‘hot sun’

A woman in Dubai goes viral after she fried two eggs under Dubai’s scorching heat without using any fire.

Can you imagine how hot it is right now in the UAE?

A resident from Dubai gave a perfect example in demonstrating the intense level of heat in the so-called “City of Gold.”

In a TikTok video that immediately went viral, a barefoot woman could be seen pouring oil and cracking two eggs in a pan.

The eggs seemed to get fried by themselves after absorbing the scorching heat in the pavement.

The video however divided viewers, with some suggesting that the clip portrayed the actual temperature people experience in Dubai.

Other viewers argued that the pan must have been hot before it was brought outside and that it was impossible to fry eggs using sunlight alone.

Whether the video was real or a stunt, the mystery as to how the eggs got fried by themselves continues to gain attention and garnered more than a million views as of date.

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